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BaseCamp Post

Have you been wanting to come into try CrossFit, but are intimidated by the whole scene?  Want to get strong with super friendly and supportive coaches in small group format
and with extra support through your learning journey of beginner classes… Come learn with our BaseCamp classes!

What is BaseCamp…

This strength & conditioning class is just like CrossFit but without all the technical barbell movements and complex movements. BaseCamp mixes body weight exercises, strength training & interval work all into one high intensity workout that helps burn fat and improve cardio! The workouts in BaseCamp are varied and include elements of gymnastics, cardio-based exercises like running and rowing, and weighted movement like squats, deadlifts  and presses. We combine these movements into a high intensity training program designed to get results. Good conditioning is an essential asset for overall health and wellness if you want to progress and improve your performances in everyday life. This program will build up your aerobic base with endurance-style workouts for longer durations at a lower intensity. It is very beginner friendly to help you get your body moving functionally like its supposed to in everyday life! From mowing the lawn, picking up your children, climbing stairs, hiking, carrying groceries, you name it!

You will see and FEEL the results of this program,
results guaranteed.


BaseCamp Memberships:
$120 per month unlimited classes

*prices do not include 5% service tax*