BaseCamp Post

With Coach Dr. Hailey Kanester
Have you been wanting to come into try CrossFit, but are intimidated by the whole scene?  Want to get strong with super friendly and supportive coaches in small group format, and with extra support through your learning journey?  
Come learn with our BaseCamp classes!  They are designed to graduate you through a step-wise process of learning.   

What is BaseCamp…

Check out our new conditioning classes known as BaseCamp, formerly known as
CrossFit Lite. This program is like CrossFit but without all the technical barbell movements. BaseCamp mixes body weight exercises, strength training and interval work all into one high intensity workout that helps burn fat and improve cardio!

The workouts in BaseCamp are varied and include elements of gymnastics,
cardio-based exercises like running and rowing, and weighted movement
like squats, deadlifts  and presses. We combine these movements into
a high intensity training program designed to get results.

Good conditioning is an essential asset for overall health and wellness if you want to progress and improve your performances in everyday life. This program will build up your aerobic base with endurance-style workouts for longer durations at a lower intensity.


New to CrossFit & CrossFit Okanagan ?

You will have to partake in our mandatory BaseCamp Foundations Sessions before joining our group classes. These sessions will take you through each movements safely, modifications, individual scaling options, standards, etc. It will be one on one with Coach Hailey. These classes are to be scheduled between you and the Coach outside of class times and will be a total of 3 classes ( $60 each – $180, plus tax )

Contact Coach Hailey directly to book your sessions today!

Telephone – Text or Call:  1-831-800-1235


BaseCamp Memberships:
$120 per month unlimited classes

Drop In $20

Punch Cards also available
5X $84 – 10X $150 – 15X $225 – 20X $260

*prices do not include 5% service tax*


Hailey comes to coaching from a HUGE passion for helping women move away from food and body struggles and into freedom, strength, and confidence.   She holds degrees in Nutrition, Psychology (BA&Sc) and Naturopathic Medicine (Doctorate).  She was an elite soccer player at age 16, then moved to Sweden and shifted into triathlon, open water swimming and road cycling in her 20s.  Part of her journey in the world of endurance events was qualifying for Team Canada in masters 30-35 category for Worlds in long distance aqua bike (3k open water swim, 120km bike), and shortly after this she found crossfit, and began to fall in love with strength training.  Her patients, friends and family know her for her love of movement, and her ‘viking spirit’.  She can be found on her road bike in the orchard back roads, in the open water swimming, and hiking around the trails with her two little boys age 4 and 6.

hailey1  hailey2  hailey3
“Doc” brings a smiling face and a happy energy to CFOK.  She is living her mission of empowering women to focus on getting stronger not smaller, GROW energetically into their biggest selves, TRUST and LISTEN to their bodies, and quit any exercise jails of their own making.  She loves to see both women and men exercise and move for the joy of it, for the feeling of being confident and strong at any size and shape, 
and for the aspects that have nothing to do with diet culture of calorie counting…  At CFOK she helps coach new members through the foundations, and does the pre-workout Masters warm ups / extra help.  She is approachable and wants everyone who has been curious about CrossFit, and interested in learning about the fun we have in workouts & with barbells to come in and talk to us!  We are here to get you started!