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Monday September 17th – Monday October 15th

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$15 per session


Endurance Classes are included in all of of our Unlimited Monthly Memberships! Endurance is a comprehensive program that pushes your anaerobic threshold using high intensity, speed and mileage workouts crafted for CrossFit and non-CrossFit athletes. We welcome athletes of all ages and expertise to join the community of
Endurance at CrossFit Okanagan!


If you have never run a race before or if you are an elite runner training for your next marathon or need base training for a sport, this program is for to you! Maybe you just enjoy getting out and enjoying some sunshine and what better way to enjoy a summer than an evening run up Knox Mountain or running the stairs at the Apple Bowl.

Coach Alanna Kelly comes to us from Toronto with a wide variety of experience in the running community. She has competed for Canada as a heptathlete and was a varsity athlete competing in the pentathlon. After retiring from Track and Field she operated, programmed and ran the Lululemon Whistler Run Club and also the city wide Lululemon Toronto Run Club. She then went on to teach CrossFit 416 Endurance to over 200 athletes in Toronto and has been trained in the CrossFit Aerobic Capacity course by renowned Chris Hinshaw.


Coach Alanna

How it works : The Endurance workouts are broken down by three types of training: High Intensity Training, Speed Workouts and Mileage Days. This includes, and is not limited to track work outs, pyramid runs, hill runs, weighted hill runs, wind sprints, weighted sprints, fartlek, interval training, plyo drills, ladder work, explosive exercises, stadiums sandbag runs, core work and much more. Our workouts have been uniquely crafted to challenge athletes and push them towards reaching their specific running goals. Runs are performed in a group setting to make each athlete feel as if anything is possible with the support of fellow runners. As runners you will learn primary warm ups with dynamic and static movements. Biomechanics and running specific drills will be used to focus on injury prevention and strengthening muscles used when running. We will meet in the back of the gym outside before every class and classes are performed in the surrounding area of the box. Class size will be capped to allow for one on one feedback and learning. A scaling option will always be provided for the class.

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