New to CrossFit?

If you are brand new to CrossFit,
this is where you start…

Step 1: FREE Intro Session

These sessions are 1-on-1 with a Coach to guide you through functional movement screening, basic CrossFit movements to test your mobility, squat, etc. You will chat about your fitness & health goals, any injuries, sports background, workout history to get to know you! It will end with a nice, sweaty workout to leave you wanting more! Bring your gym shoes, attire & water bottle!

Step 2: Foundations Program.

It is mandatory for all new members who have not participated in CrossFit training before to go through these sessions before joining group classes. This is standard for any CrossFit gym. There are a variety of technical movements which require safety tips, special training, movements, scaling, personal adjustments, etc.

There will be between 2-10 Foundations Sessions  to gain the technique for each movement standard in a comfortable, personable and encouraging atmosphere! Class quantities vary based on your fitness level, sports background, lifting, working out experience & history, how well you move, injuries, etc.

CrossFit is a very effective full body workout that works incredibly well and gets you fit for life! That also entails functional movements done at a high-intensity that can be risky if not done properly which is why you need those foundation classes to make sure those movements are done perfectly & safely!