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– Owner, Head Coach & Personal Trainer

              GUI at CFOK (2 of 8)

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Science of Kinesiology
    • University of Moncton, New Brunswick
  • Master’s of Business Administration
    • University of Moncton, New Brunswick
  • CrossFit Level 1 Certificate & CrossFit Level 2 Certificate
  • Lululemon Ambassador

Guillaume grew up playing all kinds of sports starting at a young age. He was involved playing team sports such as competitive hockey and soccer along with track & field, swimming and snowboarding while growing up on the East Coast of Canada in New Brunswick. His passion for strength & conditioning training started when he was 15 years old during his off season of hockey. During this time Guillaume, also known as Coach Gui, fell in love with the world of health & fitness!


At age 20, he started to do functional training and noticed how his physical performance improved enormously with the sports that he was involved with. He then decided to pursue his life into promoting this type of cross training for other athletes in all sports. Since then, Coach Gui has worked with professional athletes in variety of sports like hockey, volleyball, soccer, figure skating, and track and field. With his previous work experience as an assistant-physiotherapist, his knowledge of the human body movements is spectacular. He worked with clients going through rehabilitation, injuries, heart diseases and other physical disabilities. He also develops personal and specific diet programs to promote full benefits to each and every client he connects with. He believes nutrition and fitness go hand in hand to reach full potential.

Guillaume moved to Kelowna from New Brunswick in the fall of 2013 to be with his now wife, Meg Chiasson, and fell in love with the cities active lifestyle and healthy motives. Now Gui is more active and motivated than ever living in the Okanagan and competing as a CrossFit Athlete. He placed 2nd at the Okanagan Valley Throwdown in January 2016 and 3rd in 2017. Him and his teammate John Mile crushed two competitions taking home 1st place at the WODtoberfest held annually at Body Shop Training Centre in West Kelowna & the annual beach competition held at Beach City CrossFit in Penticton, BC. He competed in the CanWest Games held in Port Coquitlam -July 2017, in which he placed 8th overall. He placed 5th overall in July 2016.  He loves competing at Can West Games and made another appearance on a Trio Team July 2019.  Ontop of competing, Coach Gui completed his first road bike race –  Axel Merckx Grand Fondo 160km July 2019.

As a bilingual health and fitness professional, he spends most of his time helping clients to improve their health and fitness, reach their goals & set a prime example of pushing yourself to the limit with no regrets. Athletics to help clients reach and strive to achieve their health & fitness goals! Guillaume took over ownership of CrossFit Okanagan in August 2016. Since then he has found the training facility a bigger & bigger location! The new gym is 4,500 sq.ft which is more than double the old space. Being a Business Owner & Head Coach has kept Gui very business and he is loving every minute of it! Him and Meg have a puppy name Kip, who also spends most of his days at the gym and a toddler named Theodore who is 2.5 years old!  He is very passionate about the sport, improving people lives and seeing all the hard work and progress put into his clients each and everyday!

Favorite Lift: Clean & Jerks
Favorite Movement: Burpees



– Manager


Meg is an original Kelowna raised gal. Her background in sports is mainly with hockey her entire life but played every high school sport growing up. Her dad taught her to skate at age 3 and she never looked back. She needed an outlet after playing university hockey at SAIT in Calgary, Alberta and her husband, Guillaume introduced her to CrossFit in the summer of 2014 when they moved back to the Okanagan from New Brunswick after travelling the world together! Meg needed another way to get in good shape, stay healthy and make some new friends after being away from Kelowna for 5+ years living across Canada, South East Asia & Australia. She fell in love with the sport immediately!

Meg competed in the Okanagan Valley Thrown Down in Pentiction January 2017 and competed in the Fraser Valley Throwdown October 2016 in Abbotsford, BC –
placing 13th at both competitions.

Favorite Lift: Snatch
Favorite Movements: Rope Climbs & Box Jumps
Favorite Benchmark: Grace

Troy Boot – Coach & Teens Trainer


Coach Troy started CrossFitting in 2009. He loved it from day one!
He did Cindy and was so sore for a week! The programming just made sense to him.
The results were amazing. Being a trainer back in the late 80’s early 90’s,
he wanted to learn and be able to help people!

There’s so many CrossFit memories over the last 11 years for Troy:
1) Competing
2) Going to the CrossFit Games (watching)
3) Witnessing coaches & clients hit PRs – Hard work does pay off!

Favorite Workout: Any AMRAP’s
Favorite Lift :1 Rep Thruster

Troy loves seeing new clients in foundations training and working on movements to fix their forms/technique and feeling comfortable in the CFOK Box and loving it!

The best advice he can give a new CrossFitter is : Believe in the programming. It is not easy but keep showing up and results will happen…you will change! Physically and mentally for the better! Communicate with the coaches, don’t hesitate!
Just ask for any kind of help or guidance anytime.

Favorite Quote: Hard work pays off!

You can find Coach Troy coaching our regular scheduled classes during the week
and on Sundays, as well as our CFOK Teens Program.

Adam Brown – Coach


     Adam was born in Michigan and raised all around the USA and Canada as a multi-sport athlete – mainly hockey as well as lacrosse and soccer.  He made his way to Kelowna as a member of the Kelowna Rockets. He spent 4 years with the team starting for 3 seasons! He amassed team records in wins, games played and minutes played. After Jr he went on to play 4 years of professional hockey; 3 in the ECHL and concluding his playing career in Sweden. After finishing his playing career, Adam moved on to coaching! He had an amazing opportunity to coach for his former team (Kelowna Rockets) and he has been with them since 2017. This is the same time CrossFit became a big part of his life! It fuelled his competitive nature and allowed him to stay in shape post career. In 2019, with a few years of coaching under his belt he took a step further and got his CrossFit Level 1
and began assisting in the training of players on the team off ice. He joined CFOK November 2020 and is looking forward to being apart of the coaching staff. You can catch Coach Adam on Tuesday’s 9am & 10:30am as well as Thursday’s at 12pm!

Favorite Benchmark: Helen
Favorite Lift: Front Squat/ Squat Clean
Favorite Movement: Handstand Pushups

Madi Gorman – Coach & Barbell Club


Originally from the island, I spent my childhood outdoors, mountain biking and snowboarding. Once moved to Kelowna I walked into CrossFit Okanagan just like anyone else. Immediately, I realized I had found something special. CrossFit quickly impacted my life, and I dove in head first, wanting to experience all aspects of this new found fitness. Starting with new training habits, pushing into nutrition knowledge and finally coaching. My passion for coaching is driven by a love for seeing people overcome fear, conquer new challenges and strive for better. Having members express what CrossFit has done to them not only physically but also mentally, is an experience that never gets old to me. Focusing more on movements, I enjoy the art of technique. It’s empowering to teach people not only how to move their body in functional ways but to also fine tune for each individual needs. It has brought a sense of confidence within myself that I did not have when I started CrossFit in 2012. I am forever lucky to work with an amazing team of coaches.

You can catch me coaching Thursday & Friday evenings, Barbell Club and every Saturday!

Favorite Lift: Snatch
Favorite Benchmarks: Nancy and Randy


Michelle Dumaine – Coach 


My journey with CrossFit started in 2015. At the time, I was teaching group fitness classes : step aerobics, TRX and boot camps but I needed a new challenge. The gymnastics side of crossFit drew me in instantly as I grew up as competitive gymnast and have been coaching gymnastics since I was 16. During the day, I am a Gr 7 teacher at Dr. Knox Middle school.
I love coaching CrossFit because no matter what your level, background, injuries or limitations are, you are part of a healthy community and you accomplish so many exciting things that you never even knew were possible! I love seeing the growth in skill, strength and confidence that quickly develops when new members join the CFOK team!
Favorite Benchmark: Murph
Favorite Lift: Squat Clean
Favorite Movement: Pistol Squats

Liz Blackburn – Coach & RMT


Originally from Salmon Arm, I moved to Kelowna in 2007 to go to attend post secondary school. Throughout my life I have been an active person, participating in soccer, snowboarding, dirtbiking, hiking, etc. I attended the gym often but my results weren’t progressing as I hit a plateau and it was becoming too regular and boring. Having a desk job has caused me to always struggle with back pain and to influence my muscles to compensate incorrectly. CrossFit has benefited me incredibly by relieving the back pain and teaching the correct muscles to fire. Now every year when dirtbiking season begins, I can go right back out there and not feel the physical struggle that normally occurs when getting back into the sport.  My life has changed mentally, emotionally and physically.

Always wanting to try CrossFit, I didn’t finally take the plunge until Dec 2014. It barely took me finishing the two weeks of Foundations to know that I was hooked and only a few months later to know I had a desire to become a coach. I took the L1 CrossFit Course in July 2015 and L2 in Aug 2019. I have been since absorbing all the knowledge and experience I can acquire.  My biggest motivation is seeing someone progress and watching them achieve something they never thought they could do!

Since becoming a CrossFit Coach, I have always had a strong desire to learn how to correct muscle imbalances. I completed the Registered Massage Therapy program in 2019 and am using the extent of knowledge as an RMT to even further coach the client’s in the gym. Currently I am working out of CrossFit Okanagan during the week and Pro Motion on Friday and Saturdays. It amazes me every time I step into the gym to see the progress everyone has made and the welcoming vibe you get as you walk through the door.  I encourage everyone to give CrossFit a shot, no matter what your goal is, your age, or that you have never been to a gym before– there is something for everyone, come embrace the community, make new friends, get a little sweaty and come change your life forever!

You can catch me coaching at CFOK Tuesday & Friday mornings as well as some Sundays!

Favorite Benchmarks: Elizabeth & Cindy
Favorite Lift: Snatch

 Trisha Desrosiers – Coach


I fell in love with CrossFit in the spring of 2015 when I used a groupon to try it out for a month. After my first week of Foundations I felt empowered and was very happy with myself! I knew I was hooked when I kept continuously surprising myself.
Growing up in the lower mainland I was always playing street hockey or soccer, volleyball, track n’ field and snowboarding. I also enjoy hunting, camping, hiking and fishing (however I am still learning how to touch an actual fish) My husband has since introduced me to snowmobiling. Thanks to CrossFit I am able to boondock and move my sled around a lot easier, successfully making a figure 8 in the snow! I love coaching because I get to meet so many different and wonderful people. I get excited to watch people accomplish a movement or lift for the first time. Seeing the faces of athletes who lift a weight that they never imagined was possible and for them to realize just how strong they are, is the highlight of my day! I love to learn new ideas and techniques about different ways people move. I will always help when someone wants extra coaching on a specific movement to or needs a little extra nudge to stay motivated. Crossfit is unlike anything you could ever experience and until you come and try it you will never really know
just how amazing CrossFit is…

You can catch me coaching Wednesday & Thursday mornings!

Favorite WOD: TABATA This and TABATA That
Favorite Lift: Bench Press