Maws & Paws 60+


This is a brand new strength and conditioning class geared
towards the older & wiser community! We are very excited
to introduce this new program to our healthy & active community!

Ages 60+ years old

Strength training for older adults is essential to a healthy lifestyle.
It helps you stay fit, maintain independence, and reduce symptoms related to chronic diseases such as diabetes, heart disease,
arthritis, osteoporosis, and obesity.

Facts: After age 50, the human body starts to lose 1-2 percent of muscle strength per year. After 60 yrs old, you lose 3 percent a year, which comes out to about 4.5 pounds of muscle strength per year. Strength training helps you regain the muscle you lost and helps your cells remain younger since exercise slows cell aging. Exercise doesn’t just make you feel younger. It may actually turn off the
aging process in your chromosomes.

Our training focus is cardiovascular & respiratory endurance
along with stamina, strength, flexibility, power, speed,
coordination, agility, balance & accuracy!

Please contact Coach Ryan Stokes for more information
or to register for your FREE TRIAL CLASS


Telephone: 250-869-9520


$175 per month, plus tax