RMT – Liz Blackburn

Liz Blackburn – RMT


Originally from Salmon Arm, Liz moved to Kelowna in 2007 to attend post-secondary school.  Upon completion of her program, she started working full-time in an office setting which led to chronic back pain. This ongoing discomfort prompted her to seek help from an RMT. Back pain alleviated, Liz decided to become an RMT herself – graduating from Okanagan Valley College of Massage Therapy.

 Liz has a special interest in working with and supporting active individuals. As a Level 2 CrossFit Coach she understands a variety of different sports such as powerlifting, olympic lifting and gymnastics. Speaking “the same language” makes communication and correction of movements discussed within a treatment easier for gym-goers or CrossFit athletes.

Throughout the years Liz has dealt with her own injuries, causing muscle imbalances and compensation patterns. Learning to correct these issues taught her that imbalances can be caused not only by injuries but also through bad habits. Successfully overcoming her own challenges has given her the tools to help others improve their quality of life.

 When Liz is not in the clinic, you will find her either at the gym training for the next CrossFit competition or enjoying the outdoors: dirt-biking, snowboarding, hiking, backpacking and snowshoeing are some of her favourite activities!


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