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CrossFit Okanagan coaches are trained and
certified to provide the highest level of
professional guidance and support in your journey.

Guillaume Chiasson – Owner & Head Coach
Coach Gui

Meg McCabe – Co-Owner & Manager



Kevin Lutz – Strength Coach



Jonny V. – Coach


I discovered CrossFit in the summer of 2012 while searching for a
radical lifestyle change. Having no athletic background, no sports
interests or active hobbies and working a desk job, I was gaining
weight & had no outlet for stress and it was showing in my mood and
relationships with others. I had a gym membership for a few years and
went sporadically but the results weren’t satisfying and the routine
certainly wasn’t motivating. Knowing nothing about CrossFit, I signed
up on a whim and made a commitment to myself for 3 solid months of
exercise and healthier eating habits. The first 3 weeks were miserable as
I was so out of shape and I wanted to quit, but didn’t let myself and here I am.
CrossFit changed my life. It literally changed who I am inside and
out. It’s not just the workout of the day, it’s the whole community of
support that you get here that amazes me on a daily basis. The
motivation. Humbling, challenging, healthy and fun. Life changing
fitness is what I have discovered and it has moved me to to take a
deeper interest in the study of constantly varied functional movement,
practice practice practice, and in turn give back to the community
that has helped me so much.

I will conclude by encouraging anyone who reads this, no matter what
your background or athletic ability, to give CrossFit a try. Check
your ego at the door. Learn something about yourself, and experience
the unique community of the fastest growing global fitness phenomenon
of all time.

Certifications: CrossFit Level 1 Trainer, CrossFit Weightlifting Trainer, Scaling Certificate
Favorite WODS: Grace, GI Jane & Row 5K
Favorite Lifts: Deadlifts & Cleans


Michelle Maguire – Coach & Gymnastics



Liz Blackburn – Coach


Originally from Salmon Arm, I moved to Kelowna in 2007 to go to College. Throughout my life I have been an active person, participating in soccer, snowboarding, dirtbiking, hiking, etc. I attended the gym often but my results weren’t progressing as I hit a plateau and it was becoming too regular and boring. Having a desk job has caused me to always struggle with back pain and to influence my muscles to compensate incorrectly. CrossFit has benefited me incredibly by relieving the back pain and teaching the correct muscles to fire. Now every year when dirtbiking season begins, I can go right back out there and not feel the physical struggle that normally occurs when getting back into the sport.  My life has changed mentally, emotionally and physically.

Always wanting to try CrossFit, I didn’t finally take the plunge until Dec 2014. It barely took me finishing the two weeks of Foundations to know that I was hooked and only a few months later to know I had a desire to become a coach. I took the L1 CrossFit Course in July 2015 and have been since absorbing all the knowledge and experience I can acquire.  My biggest motivation is seeing someone progress and watching them achieve something they never thought they could do.

It amazes me every time I step into the gym to see the progress everyone has made and the welcoming vibe you get as you walk through the door.  I encourage everyone to give CrossFit a shot, no matter what your goal is, your age, or that you have never been to a gym before– there is something for everyone, come embrace the community, make new friends, get a little sweaty and come change your life forever!

Favorite WODS: Elizabeth & Cindy
Favorite Lifts: Snatch

Madi Gorman – Coach



Alanna Kelly – Endurance Coach

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Elise Fairclough – Coach


Trisha Desrosiers- Coach

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