Our Gym

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Your first impression of our gym may be that it is extremely different from your typical gym setting, and you’re absolutely right. Our equipment includes but is not limited to tractor tires, weighted sleds, climbing ropes, gymnastics rings, medicine balls, pull-up bars, Olympic Lifting bars, bumper plates etc just to name a few! Classes take advantage of some or all of these items to maximize the training results through exposure to a wide range of movements and exercises.

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Our facility features a mobility/stretching loft area upstairs overlooking the gym, big back lot for outdoor activities in the summer, and lots of quiet street access for running. A spacious floor plan with high ceilings provides a wide range of activities. We have everything we need to maximize our training efforts, and nothing we don’t need (including mirrors!) We just installed brand new indoor turf for handstand walks, sled pushes and other CrossFit activities!

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